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Post-it Questions pages 51-100

These are questions made up by the students for the other class (As we were learning about appropriate responses and questioning techniques in our 30 Days of Routines and Rituals, we incorporated Loser and the students practiced this concept by coming up with appropriate questions to ask the other class- Mrs. Schleg's class must answer Mrs. Thomas's class's questions and vice versa).  Check these out below

5S to 5T
^^^ 5T, YOU ANSWER THESE!!! ^^^

5T to 5S
^^^ 5S, YOU ANSWER THESE!!! ^^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Report Menu

You will not be responsible for completing this immediately, but is something for your perusing.  I would like for you to look at the post below this one (CLICK HERE) and begin answering the questions as shown in the reading response journal of your choosing.  
Other thinking topics...
1) Imagine who you would cast in the movie version of Loser. Create a poster for your movie that illustrates a scene that would show what the movie is about.

2) Make a list of things you remember about different teachers you’ve had and what was different about each grade. Does any year or teacher stand out? Why? How do you think Zinkoff would have felt if he was in your class?

3) Make a timeline of events in Zinkoff’s life in the book. Extend the timeline out to the future and guess what you think will happen to him in high school and beyond.

Post-it Questions for pages 1-50

Please answer these in a reading response notebook of your choice that you will use throughout the course of this year.  We will begin using this reading response notebook by utilizing it throughout our discussion and study of Loser by Jerry Spinelli.   Most of these should be some pretty basic questions for your review as you are reading.  Do not stress, but do your best to answer them as you read. As you continue reading and complete the book, you will NOT have this many questions, BUT they will get more in depth and harder as we go along and begin discussing them aloud and in groups.  Again, please do not stress and I hope that you'll find many to most of these fairly "doable" for you (I do not like, nor allow the word easy to be used in my classroom!).  I CANNOT wait to discuss this book with you!

1) What does "trudging" mean (page 1)

2) What is a "brick-and-hoagie" town (page 3)

3) What is a "home baby" (page 3)

4) What are "let-loose" sidewalk pups? (page 5)

5) Why is Zinkoff so giddy? (page 4)

6) Why did Zinkoff's mom give a sigh of surrender? (page 9)

7) Why did Zinkoff stand out to his teacher and make her worried? (page 10)

8) What made Miss Meeks laugh? (page 11)

9) What do you already admire about Zinkoff?

10) Why does Miss Meeks think Zinkoff will always be easy to find? (page 12)

11) What type of figurative language is, "a sea of nodding heads?" (page 14)

12) "Toot, toot!" is an example of what type of figurative language? (page 17)

13) What is the "learning train?" (page 17)

14) What is the meaning of the word legible? (page 20)

15) Why was Zinkoff disappointed with recess? (page 20)

16) How did Zinkoff "cheat" the boy? (page 23)

17) Why are the 1st graders so dumb? (page 23)

18) Why are "stars" so special to Zinkoff? (page 27)

19) Why is everyday like the first day of school for Zinkoff? (page 28)

20) What causes Zinkoff to randomly laugh and continue laughing? (page 31)

21) What proves to you that Donald loves school? (pages 32-33)

22) How is Zinkoff affected by seeing Polly's diaper? (page 35)

23) Why is throwing up normal to Zinkoff? (page 40)

24) Why does Zinkoff prefer soccer over other sports? (page 42)

25) How is Zinkoff a "bad" loser? (page 45)

26) Why do several Titans ask for Zinkoff to be traded to another team? (page 46)

27) What does Zinkoff do that's the right thing for Andrew and why? (page 48)

28) What happened to Zinkoff's trophy?